BANANE METALIK : Sex Blood And Gore'n roll
Album Sex Blood And Gore'n roll
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Devil Rat Records
Year 2015
Genre Psychobilly

BANANE METALIK : Sex Blood And Gore'n roll

FINALLY!!!!!!! The second release from Banane Metalik!! Hell must brooke loose!! This album is full with rawk energy and this album really is the best follower to their 1 ste album that you can imagine! Same style, same crazyness, same perfect production, lyrics straight from hell, the combination of Gore'n'Roll and Psychobilly is great and is not one moment boring! GREAT STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!


Tracklist :

01. 666% Gore'n'Roll!!!!
02. Au Royaume De L'Hypocrisie
03. Les Enfants Des Tenebres
04. Opus 666
05. A Tout Saigneur,Toute Horreur
06. Surfin Banana
07. Vade Retro Banana
08. Freaky Bitch Murder
09. Mieux Vaut Tare Que Jamais
10. Ride In Peace
11. La Valse Des Damnes
12. Don't Dictate My Way Of Life
13. Enfer Et Contre Tous

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