FRANTIC FLINSTONES : The Legendary Mushroom Sessions
Album The Legendary Mushroom Sessions
Format CD
Label Anogram
Year 2005
Genre Psychobilly, Rock'n Roll, Rockabilly

FRANTIC FLINSTONES : The Legendary Mushroom Sessions

Well suprisse!!! After a lot of years these recordings taken in the year 1988 are finally on CD!! This was normally a sideproject from The Frantic Flinstones together with the band The Magic Mushrooms. These songs didn't quite fit on the album they we'r making at the time. After several Jam sessions the two bands fused together in a smoke haze of Drugs,psychedelia and sheer Rock'n'Roll mayhem!


Tracklist :

01. Head's Messed Up
02. Bouncy Bouncy
03. Date With The Devil
04. Sweet Relief
05. Thinking Bout My Baby
06. Human Bong
07. Endless Sleep
08. Billy Overdose
09. Crying Eyes
10. Broke Up
11. The Race Is On
12. Legionnaires Song
13. Lock Me Up (Hardcore mix)
14. Crying Eyes(Demo)
15. The Race Is On (Piano version)
16. Legionnaires song (Jaws Harp Version)
17. Date With The Devil (7''mix)
18. Drug Squad

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