Album The Hunch
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + CD
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2014
Genre Teenage Garage, Psycho, Trash n Roll


LP: Jacked heavy Paper, Printet innersleeve, "green Vinyl" and incl postcard + free CD (no cover,no booklett) !!! 1991 Exactly when "mainstream tEKKNO took over the Whole world and on the other hand GRUNGE HEROIN GROOVE & oriented PUNK ROCK Kicked in THE MONSTERS released thier "2nd Studio" Album the Hunch ( a tribute title HASIL ADKINS ) , everybody told them to make good recordings so they thought to do a proper production and went to a proper good recording studio to have a fat sound ( for the 1st and last time)... anyway the studio was way to expencive for poor TEENAGE PUNK ROCKERS the Monsters so they only could afford recording on side of the record in a proffessinal way the 2nd side they recorded LIVE with Sam from THE RADIOATIONS and Jimi ochsenbein at a gig they did in 1991 at the ISC CLUB in bern their home town. That Record was a Commercial Sucess for the band and set them on the Music map of the Music world ,the Album got lysenced and some songs released on other labels as well.. for example the Creature from the black lagoon got released by DIONYSUS RECORDS out of LOS ANGELES and they called their Style of music GRUNGEABILLY There was a change of drummers Pepe left the band ( he plays on the 1st side) and Di Putto ( tibu) who plays on the 2nd side

Tracklist :

Side 1 :
01. Intro
02. The Creature From The Black Lagoon
03. Hang On
04. Drug Train
05. Day Of The Triffids
06. Drag Is Back
07. Wicked Wanda
08. Teenage Werewolf
Side 2 :
01. The Kinks
02. The Witch
03. Psycho Over Europe
04. I Came From Hell
05. Be Bop A Lula
06. The Hunch
07. Honeymoon At Hell 08. Wild Thing


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