FRANTIC FLINSTONES : The Frantic Flinstones Story
Album The Frantic Flinstones Story
Format DVD
Label Cherry Red
Year 2008
Genre Psychobilly, Rock'n Roll, Rockabilly

FRANTIC FLINSTONES : The Frantic Flinstones Story

The Frantic Flintstones.Credited as one of the innovators of the Psychobilly scene, the Frantic Flintstones have been kicking around the underground since the beginning of the '80s They have been releasing albums steadily since their inception, often working with Sharks frontman Alan Wilson. In 2001, they toured Europe as a celebration of 18 years in the music industry. Led by frontman Chuck Harvey - The Frantic Flintstones remain one of the most popular names on the Psychobilly scene with a large, loyal following desperate about collecting EVERYTHING the band release. The band have recently had a resurgence of interest and are currently headlining numerous festivals in Europe. “The Frantic Flintstones Story” is a jam-packed collection featuring two full shows from the band (both introduced by Chuck Harvey), along with rare and previously unseen documentary footage, much of it shot by the band themselves.

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Tracklist :

001.A 'Potted History' of The Frantic Flintstones
002.Frantic Flintstones Live At Dingwalls:
01.Hot Head Baby
03.Pre-School baby
04.Oh Baby Oh Yeah
05.Ragin' Sea
06.Monte Carlo Or Bust
07.Alley Cat King
003.Frantic Flintstones Live in Nuremburg
01.Rockin' Bones
02.No One Stays
03.Ring Ringing
04.Heads Messed Up
05.Alley Cat King
06.Gone Gone Gone
07.Hang 10
08.Alchahol Buzz
09.Playschool Baby
10.Hot Head Baby
11.Smack Smack
12.Burned & Turned
13.Necro Blues
+ Short exclusive documentary film about the Frantic Flintstones Entitled 'Too Sweet To Die'

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