HELLSONICS : Demon queen
Album Demon queen
Format CD
Label Drunkabilly Records
Year 2006
Genre Psychobilly, Punkabilly

HELLSONICS : Demon queen

The legendary Lemmy Kilmister once said about Motörhead: ‘Even if you hate us, we’re still unique.’ The same goes for Hellsonics, because their crossbreed of punk, metal and psychobilly stands alone. To prove the point, just let ‘Demon Queen’ blast through all the watts you got. The purist nitpickers back off in disbelief to their old ways, while reckless fanatics praise this record as a bold dose of unorthodox rock & roll.

The four Hellsonics used to slam in the Antwerp ardcore/metal scene, before they joined forces in 2002 to start a totally different unit. An exploring alliance, embracing all their individual styles. Upright bass player Johnny Crash slaps the psycho vibe in, deep and creeping as well as on dragster speed. Mean Krapula is a rhythmic sadist to his drums, tight like a headbanger on a sledgehammer groove. Brain Detzer’s guitar has a punk attitude from the doomdays of Discharge, but can also aim reverb on a wave of Danzig. Singer Killie D. was on the airwaves during her ten year run as host of Shock Report, the hardest radio show in Belgium at the time. She’s been vibrant in live bands since 1989, yet with the rise of Hellsonics her haunting voice reaches beyond former boundaries. Moreover a mesmerizing frontwoman glorifying a wicked charm, luring many drifters to the scorching sound of Hellsonics. Or as they say in Flemish: ‘The original sonido del diablo.’

Universally speaking that means ‘Demon Queen’ provokes good music for sinners. Good is the new evil! Beware !! Last Copies!!


Tracklist :

01. U-Turn
02. Road Junkies
03. I Surrender
04. These Boots
05. Demon Queen
06. Valley Town
07. Down The Hill
08. Sleep With Demons
09. Adrenaline
10. Shout
11. Blood Red Eyes
12. Down The Hill (2)

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