MONSTERS, THE : The Worst Of Garage Punk Vol.1
Album The Worst Of Garage Punk Vol.1
Format CD Double
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2006
Genre Garage, Trash, Punk, Rock n Roll

MONSTERS, THE : The Worst Of Garage Punk Vol.1

20 YEARS 'THE MONSTERS': a 2 CD set of rare unreleased stuff, live recordings (not shitty ones..loud n powerful) from all over the world, South America USA , Japan europe and and and, Demo Recordings for the Early Albums, Rehurcal Room recordings wierd Tape recordings very First Rehurcal and New Recordings from the Never Ever Session in 2005. The whole thing comes in 2CD's LP's because it was so much material to chose from and i think we did a very intressting compilation, Shure the Monsters Live is much better than the records but i think we found songs from all the recordings that comes very near, Guitars are mostly out of tuning and as loud as it's get, solos are uncontroled and with different lenght in every show as well the lyrics are different in ever here the Clone Drum set how it sounds live and with many many fotos trou the 20 jears of beeing the monsters. In the Booklet and Liner notes all the members of the band wrote something down to the recordings and to the show where it was, to the people who organicing the shows, and little background storrys... This is not just another Live Album this is more like a encyclopedia of the Underground Work the monsters did in Switzerland and all over the world, 20 jears of playing all over the world and meeting people building up the Whole Voodoo Rhythm family, the monsters record themself , they do all the artwork the organice the tours and and and all them self and trou the years there's not one second mainstream influence in the music it's RAW RAW ROCK'N'ROLL MUSIC , and true to the bone.

Tracklist :

01.Intro (Radio Barks,japan)
02.The Love I Never Had (Live ? (Sedel Luzern,2003)
03.Baby I Love You (1987, recorded in the rehurcal room)
04.Boss(Wild at heart,Berlin 2004)
05.I Got The Bain Up My Ass (Reitschule bern 2001)
06.Don't Burn The Witch(1987, Recorded In A Unkwown Studio with Tiger)
07.Seven (Cbgbs New York 2003)
08.I Kiss You Dead(Kofmehl, solothurn 2002)
09.Dead End Street (Bocephus,Buenos aires 2003)
10.7 Gates Of Hell (1992 REHURCAL ROOM)
11.Burn my mind (Reitschule Bern 95)
12.Hold Me Hug Me(Radio Lora , 1992)
13.Dead Song For Bela (86)
14.Psyco Trip
15.Blues For Joe (Recording session 2005)
16.Monster Rock (Radio lora 92)
17.I Kiss You Dead (Brasserie Lorraine ,Bern 2003)
18.Leave Me Alone(Kiff Aarau 2002)
19.Fuck My Brain Buddah Buddah(Hafenklang Hamburg 2002)
20.Zuri Bronnt(Speyer 2003)
21.Never Come Back(Sedel, Luzern 2003)
22.Hi Heels (Remise , Wil)
23.Lonesome Town (Bogen 13 )
24.Oh Wrong(Bogen 13 Z2003)
01.Out Of My Life (1992, Rehurcal Room )
02.Rosemary mc coy (ubungsraum 87)
03.Nightmares (ubungsraum 87)
04.Searching (Hirscheneck, Basel 2004)
05.Teenage Werewolf (1986 HUUS) 2:17
06. Searching (friSon 89)
07.Wild Thing (1987 Unknown Studio)
08.Watcha Ganno Do ( Recording Session 2005)
09.Voodoo Love ( 1992, WeirdDemo ) 3:22
10.Zuri Bronnt(live Sedel Luzen 2004)
11.Zuri Bronnt (Kofmehl Solodurn 2004)
12.Black (Monofaktur Munchen2004)
13.I Wanna Be Like I Wanne Be (Recording session 2005)
14.Whatcha Gonna Do(Kofmehl solodurn 2004)
15.Weisheit 16.Weisheit
20.Fuck My Brain(Bogen 13 Zuri 2003)
21.Dead End Street (cbgbs 2003)
22.High Heels (cbgbs2003)

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