FRENZY : Nitro Boy
Album Nitro Boy
Format CD
Label Crash
Year 2007
Genre Old-school Psychobilly

FRENZY : Nitro Boy

Back in their early days, Frenzy established themselves as the most innovative of the Neo-Rockabilly bands, never afraid to venture beyond musical boundaries and experiment with new ideas. However, it isn't until their most recent albums that Frenzy truly discovered their sound. 'Dirty Little Devils' was well received and hailed by many as their best release to date.
'Nitro Boy' takes up where 'Devils' left off. The fourteen tracks display a high standard of songwriting and musicianship, with powerful delivery and strong production bringing out their best. And of course Steve Whitehouse's infamous playing is a delight for slap-bass fans. There's a host of great originals here, a couple of surprise covers, and a updating of the old favorite 'Misdemeanour', all accompanied by a 20-page booklet crammed with pictures, and a double sided pull-out poster.
Great , and fantastic album!! And it’s not a suprisse that this album was recorded in Alan Wilsons Studio!

List Price : €14,00
You Save : €1,11 (8%)

Tracklist :

01. Nitro boy
02. Rum and Coke
03. Reachin' out
04. One way taxi
05. No doubt
06. I'm still standing
07. Misdemeanor (2005)
08. Till the following night
09. This disease
10. Politician
11. Pharoah's sky
12. Backlash
13. Three strikes
14. Sex shop

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