POLECATS : The Best Of The Polecats, Rockabilly Guys
Album The Best Of The Polecats, Rockabilly Guys
Format CD
Label Raucous
Year 2003
Genre Neo-Rockabilly, Cat Style

POLECATS : The Best Of The Polecats, Rockabilly Guys

It isn't every day that a rockabilly band covers David Bowie's "John, I'm Only Dancing" and writes about the things that a dominatrix can do with her whip. But then, the Polecats were one of the more original bands that came out of England's rockabilly revival in the early '80s. Released in 2000, this collection paints a generally attractive, if imperfect, picture of the British band. The Best of the Polecats contains most of their definitive 1980s recordings, including "Boogie Man," "Marie Celeste," "Rockabilly Guy," and their unlikely remake of "John, I'm Only Dancing." This CD also contains "Cat O' Nine Tails," an amusing, clever description of a dominatrix and her favorite whip. But as enjoyable as The Best of the Polecats is, it isn't the last word on the band -- the Polecats' remake of T. Rex's "Jeepster" (which was a hit in England) is missing, and that omission brings the CD's rating down a bit. But while The Best of the Polecats isn't perfect or ideal, it has more pluses than minuses, and is the most logical place to go if you're exploring their music for the first time.

List Price : €14,00
You Save : €1,81 (13%)

Tracklist :

01. Make a circuit with me
02. Big green car
03. Chicken walk
04. Cat o nine tails
05. John I'm only dancing
06. Rocking along
07. Marie Celeste
08. Get on the right track
09. Boogie man
10. Rockabilly guy
11. Gravedigger rock
12. 99 chicks
13. Please gimme something
14. Mac 2000

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