BONZAI KITTEN : Done With Hell
Album Done With Hell
Format CD
Label wolverine
Year 2011
Genre Psychobilly

BONZAI KITTEN : Done With Hell

All in all BONSAI KITTEN sum up to a rocknroll driven combo of skilled musicians, who cleverly merge different music styles into a melodic mixture of new-punk, rockabilly and psychobilly to make it their own and call it "Killbilly"!!!! Live all songs are performed with heavy speed and authentic lyrics delivered by a husky alto of a hot, rocking female singer.


Tracklist :

01. Strawberry Dress
02. Don't Mess With Me
03. Done With Hell
04. We Want More
05. Please, Mister Jailer
06. The Cock Is Dead
07. Don't Miss Me
08. Virgin Suicide
09. Chronic Of My Life
10. No-Go-Area

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