RESTLESS : Got It Covered
Album Got It Covered
Format CD
Label Crazy Love Records
Year 2011
Genre Old School psychobilly/Neo-rockabilly

RESTLESS : Got It Covered

Modern Rockabilly encompassing styles from the 40's right up to present day. What makes RESTLESS different from the rest is their ability to play all 'Rock 'n' roll' genres from country to Psychobilly. They choose covers nobody else would think of as well as writing their own material, much of which is now considered 'neo classic' and has been recorded by countless other artists. The new album is a covers album they've waited to do for a long time. It contains many songs they've dreamed of recording for many years from many of their favourite artists. From Elvis to Faces, to Robert Plant to Kanye West.........this is a pressure valve released.

List Price : €12,89
You Save : €0,60 (5%)

Tracklist :

01.Tie Your Mother Down
02.(All You Ever Do Is) Bring Me Down
03.Jealous Mind
04.For The Heart
05.Pump It Up
06.How Long (Will My Baby Be Gone?)
07.Pool Hall Richard
08.(I Washed My Hands In) Muddy Water
09.Simply Irresistable
10.Lonesome Me
12.(She Thinks) I Still Care

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