RESTLESS : Do Your Thing
Album Do Your Thing
Format CD
Label Raucous Records
Year 2002
Genre Neo-Rockabilly

RESTLESS : Do Your Thing

Restless always was one of the leading bands in the scene. A perfect example that you can play rockabilly mixed with some Psychobilly riffs, this new release has 12 brand new tracks! Their style is still the same, so for the fans, you can’t go wrong with this one!! The latest! Great to see them back with a CD that showd what rockabilly is about!

List Price : €14,00
You Save : €1,71 (12%)

Tracklist :

01. Shackled to a thing called love
02. Hurricane Jesse
03. Pickin' up the pieces
04. Who told the town
05. Do your thing
06. Chain gang man
07. Satisfied
08. Bad Bowie Joe
09. Heart in the machine
10. S'eazy
11. Madness of desire
12. What's your poison ?

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