SLOW GRIND FEVER Vol.2 : MORE... Adventures In The Sleazy World Of Popcorn Noir...
Album MORE... Adventures In The Sleazy World Of Popcorn Noir...
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Stag-O-Lee
Year 2014
Genre 50s Rock n Roll, Early R&B, Soul

SLOW GRIND FEVER Vol.2 : MORE... Adventures In The Sleazy World Of Popcorn Noir...

Being a part time dj whose fave musical period is the decade between 1953 and 1963 one can dig forever in a bottomless pit of great danceable uptempo tunes. Even after years and years of bringing new and exciting tunes to light there still are new finds every day who fill the dancefloors around the world for fans young and old. We're talking Rhythm`n´Blues and the phase in the early 60s when it morphed into Soul (now called New Breed), as well as the genre that nowadays is labeled Popcorn – a midtempo style with a high groove-factor that was created in Belgium (of all places). Of course, when filling the box for a dj night one selects the fast and highly danceable stuff and maybe a few slower tunes to send people home in the morning. The Slow Grind Fever series was created after stumbling over a clubnight in Australia via the internet: „Melbourne's only slow dance party, where they play the slowest, spookiest, sweetest records they can find, and folks dance real slow in a haze of smoke and dim red light." Well, what a concept! The Soundcloud-mixes the three dj's posted pretty quickly convinced the Stag-O-Lee chief that this is very exciting and after a few mails with the guys who run the Melbourne night the Slow Grind Fever series was born. Long may it run...

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Swinging On A Chandeler :.Bobby Beck
02. He's A King : Barbara Mcnair
03. Lilly's Lament : Helen Grayco
04. Taboo : Sylvie Mora
05. The Gal from Joe's : Nina Simone
06. Rain Down Rain : Big Maybelle
07. Dead Man's Blues : Scatman Crothers
Side B :
01. Another Man Done Gone : Lorrie Collins
02. Love's Dream : Larry O'Keefe
03. Bandstand Doll : Johnny Carroll
04. Cidny Lou : Dick Penner
05. Summertime : Santo Johnny
06. The Girl On Death Row : Lee Hazlewood With Duane Eddy And His Orchestra
07. Ghost Town : Eddie Miller And His Band


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