VIBES, THE : Voodoo juju
Album Voodoo juju
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Trash Wax
Year 2015
Genre Garage, Rock n Roll, Trash Punk, Roots of Psychobilly

VIBES, THE : Voodoo juju

The Vibes live at The Forum in Engel, Germany - May 31st 1985. Wow , we never taught this would happend !! The Vibes ..the great unknow for years !! Well not for a few ..the great mix from Garage –R’n’R-Trashpunk and Neo Rockabilly ! They inspired a lot of bands who are now really well know bands … to much to mention The Vibes where one of the bands that give birth to the Psychobilly and Garage scene that we all now today and beyond !! Limited Edition - 250 copies – made !!!


Tracklist :

01. Mini Skirt Blues
02. Ain’t No Friend Of Mine
03. Inside Out ( I see All)
04. Something Ain’t Right
05. Egyptian Thing
06. Ain’t It Hard
07. I Hear Noises
08. I’m Mad
09. Psychedelic Women
10. Hasil Adkins In My Head
11. Judegement Day
12. I’m In Pittsburgh( and It’s Raining)
13. What’cha gonna Do About It

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