MONSTERS, THE : Jungle Noise Recordings
Album Jungle Noise Recordings
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + CD
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2016
Genre Garage, Trash, Primitive Rock n Roll

MONSTERS, THE : Jungle Noise Recordings

LP: + CD !! Heavy Cardbard + Sticker Recorded in 1994 With Robert Butler (Pantichrist) and Kat Allen (Reithalle Bern) this was the first Monsters Album With ELECTRIC BASS a stead of Stand Up Bass, and with a Wall of TRASHED OUT FUZZ Guitars, and it was a big turning point for the Band after releasing the more or less Pschobilly GARAGE oriented 'THE HUNCH (1991)' + 'MASKS (1989)' Yves (the Lead Guitarist) Left the band and they shrank into a TRIO and Beat-Man added a FUZZ BOX and LEVEL 13 to the guitar, the whole band was fed up of the Clean Studio Sound and decided to do everything at Home and rented a Recording machine (AKAI-1214) and recorded it in only 2 Days !! Jungle Noise was original Released by Germany s Underground Label 'JUNGLE NOISE' in 1995 as a 10" Vinyl and some more tracks where released as 7" on other Labels, the Song 'it's not my way' was actually recorded for a Swiss Anti War Compilation, (STOP F/A-18) but it was not taken (to trash) after the release of that Album the Monsters went serious Touring Europe and made them self a household name in the European Underground Scene

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Psych-Out With Me
02. Primitive Man
03. Searching
04. It's Not My Way
05. Lonesome Town
06. The Pot
07. Rock Around The Tombstone
08. Barbara
Side B :
01. Play With Fire
02. She's My Witch
03. Out Of My Life
04. Mummie Fucker Blues
05. Nightlife
06. Nightclub
07. Jungle Noise


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