METEORS, THE : The Lost Album - Part 1
Album The Lost Album - Part 1
Format Vinyl 10'' MLP
Label Raucous
Year 2016
Genre Psychobilly

METEORS, THE : The Lost Album - Part 1

There are only a handful of Meteors recordings from the original/classic line-up and this is essential ! The full, Pre-In Heaven recordings which were done for EMI. Lewis-Fenech-Robertson really shine on these 1980 tracks, still much more (Psycho) Rockabilly than outright Psychobilly, it shows what all the fuss was about at the time....If 'In Heaven' is your favourite Meteors album, you'll love this (and part 2).


Tracklist :

01. I Don't Worry About It
02. Your Wildcat Ways
03. Maniac
04. You Can't Put A Good Man Down
05. Ain't Taken' A Change
06. Psycho For Your Love
07. The Room
08. Love Me

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