FROGS, THE : Inshallah
Album Inshallah
Format CD
Year 2016
Genre Psychobilly, Old School Psychobilly

FROGS, THE : Inshallah

The Frogs keep their psycho firmly rooted in the good old style from the 80s, with plenty of range for the rattle of the doghouse bass. Meanwhile, they add some of their own flavour to the fifteen songs on In’Shallah, such as Arabesque guitar melodies in the title track, succeeded by B-movie theremin blessings. Since the one-two punch of Revenge Of The Frogs (2010) and Witch! (2012) the trio have wrecked numerous stages, from Pineda de Mar all the way to Mexico. These live exploits shine through on their third album, which makes The Frogs leap in the limelight of psychobilly from Switzerland. And the world, for that matter


Tracklist :

01. Inshallah
02. Swamp Fever Stomp
03. Mr.Snake
04. Dissection
05. Bicycle Thief
06. I Tusan Je Sless Che Na Buleglia De Vin
07. Sonido Amazonico
08. Bufolenin
09. Quicksand
10. Monday Disease
11. La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono
12. Rocket To Planet Orgasmus
13. The Day It Rained Frogs
14. Love Disillusion
15. Gingerboy

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