DEVILS, THE : Sin,You Sinners!
Album Sin,You Sinners!
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + CD
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2016
Genre Rockabilly, Garage, Trash Noise, Rock n Roll

DEVILS, THE : Sin,You Sinners!

The Devils named themself after Ken Russel's super B-Movie 'the devils' from 1971, inspired by listening to Blues and Punk and many other Undergrund Bands (The Cramps, Hound Dog Taylor, The Gories, Jon Spencer, Fugazi, Hasil Adkins, The Oblivians etc) they formed their own band in 2015 in Neaples Italy, the Deep South of Italy. Gianni Vessella plays the Guitar and Sings and Erica Toraldo hits the Drums and Screams in the Microphone. In the Beginning they did Countless Shows in Italy DIY and France where they meet up with Jim Diamond from the Dirtbombs who recorded their first Full Lenght album, the same Day Reverend Beat-Man from Voodoo Rhythm records was in the same town and got their recordings and signed them up on the Label. This is a Huge Wall of Guitar Fuzz and Noise and Vocals as Stupid and Minimalistic as it gets, this is No Bob Dylan poetry thats pure Evil and Lots of Fun !! Chainsaw Massacre Hysteric Earbleeding Vocals and the Drumer probably Eats Speed and Power Food for Breakfast, they are Dressed up as Preacher and Nun and Destroy every Stage that they can play on, they Are Hot and Wild and Very Loud !!!!! 12" LP: + FREE CD + PRINTED INNERSLEEVE

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Puppy Nun
02. Coitus Interruptus (From a Priest)
03. Magic Sam
04. Drunk Town
05. Don't Look in the Basement
Side B :
01. Misery
02. Azazel
03. Sin, you Sinners!
04. Hell's Gate
05. Shaking Satan's Balls


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