GUANA BATZ : Held Down... At Last !
Album Held Down... At Last !
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Radiation
Year 2017
Genre Old School Psychobilly

GUANA BATZ : Held Down... At Last !

During the first half of the 80's, while the Cramps were gaining underground popularity in the USA, and the STRAY CATS were hitting the charts on both side of the Atlantic, a newborn wave of rockabilly revivalists came out of the ashes of the UK early punk rock scene. Bands like the Meteors, Demented Are Go, and Guana Batz, playing hopped up rockabilly with the speed and the aggression of punk rock, invented the sound and the aesthetics of what soon became known worldwide as psychobilly, an 80's revision of the 50's rock and roll spirit filtered through the mohawk punk movement, 80's horror movies imagery, and a lot of booze. Formed in Feltham, MiddleSex, in 1983, Guana Batz are among the pioneers of the genre, and their 1985 debut album Held Down... At Last! is one the best episodes in the history of psychobilly.

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Down The Line
02. Got No Money
03. Can't Take The Pressure
04. Nightwatch
05. Lady Bacon
Side B :
01. King Rat
02. You're My Baby
03. Nightmare Fantasy
04. Please Give Me something
05. Bust Out


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