BATMOBILE : Brand New Blisters
Album Brand New Blisters
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Butler Records
Year 2017
Genre Old School Psychobilly, Neo-Rockabilly, Rock n Roll

BATMOBILE : Brand New Blisters

Bang Bang! Here's Batmobile! These legendary Dutch Psychobilly kings return with a bang, to claim the crown once again. Brand New Blisters is Batmobile's first full-length album in 20 years. Batmobile are considered the seminal Dutch psychobilly band, and were the first non-UK band to perform at the influential Klub Foot. Now after a hiatus of eight years, and still with the original line-up, they are back with a brand new album. Founded in 1983, Batmobile played traditional rockabilly covers before starting to write their own material in a psychobilly style. This led to the first international recognized Batmobile album followed by extensive tours of Europe and Asia.

A further eleven studio albums followed, plus their live album recorded at The Klub Foot, and a well-received split album with Peter Pan Speedrock. In 2017 Batmobile is back with a stunning new studio album. Here you have the Black vinyl edition !!!!


Tracklist :

Side 1 :
01. Batmomaniacs
02. Rock'n'Roll and Alcohol
03. Save My Soul
04. Demolition
05. Never Gonna Stop
06. Motherfuckin' Hippie
07. Spider Sylvia
Side 2 :
01. Killmachine
02. Apeface
03. From The Get Go
04. Wild Wild Man
05. Fucked Up
06. It's Rock& Roll
07. Rest In Peace
15. Big Bob

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