POLECATS, THE : What Do I Get ?
Album What Do I Get ?
Format Vinyl 7'' EP
Label Raucous
Year 2017
Genre Neo Rockabilly, Rockabilly

POLECATS, THE : What Do I Get ?

It's Punks vs Teds - and caught up in the middle of this violent fracas are The Polecats! Stylized rockabilly with it's roots in the 1950s is combined with punk rock filth and fury, and out of these two historic musical enemies comes the liveliest, most colourful and energetic band of became known as the Rockabilly revival.
Except for their musical roots, there was and is very little retro about The Polecats! They stormed their way onto mainstream radio and Top Of The Pops without any compromise in style - and you don't get much more "punk" than that!
Fittingly, here The Polecats deliver two classic covers from these two rival genres - with The Buzzcocks anthem "What Do I Get?" coupled with Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers' Teddyboy stomper "She's The One To Blame".
colored vinyl, picture sleeve, limited edition!


Tracklist :

Side A :
01. What Do I Get?
Side B :
01. She's The One To Blame

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