RAYGUN COWBOYS : The Cowboy Code
Album The Cowboy Code
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Stomp Records
Year 2012
Genre Psychobilly, Punkabilly

RAYGUN COWBOYS : The Cowboy Code

Raygun Cowboys are a psychobilly punk rock n' roll band hailing from the very best dive bars and poolrooms of Edmonton, AB. This 50's influenced 5-piece outfit plays insanely high-energy badass rockabilly with elements of punk and rock n roll that instantly gets people on the dance floor from the first to last song. Now the boys are back in town with The Cowboy Code! Eleven brassy belters set to get your saddle blazing and your spurs a-spinning. These hard rocking songs harken back to the days of smoky gin-joints and speakeasies while cutting a modern edge to the classic rockabilly style. Featuring a heartfelt cover of their good friends SNFU's "Painful Reminder" and badass tribute to everyone's favorite futuristic cyborg "Robocop" this album is an absolute necessity for rockers everywhere.

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. It's Coming Down
02. Don't Want You Anymore
03. One More Time
04. Let The Road Decide
05. No Peace
06.Painful Reminder
Side B :
01. She Came From Kainai
02. Robocop
03. Skitzo From The Mind
04. Back To You
05. Storms A Brewin


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