NINE POUND HAMMER : Bluegrass Conspiracy
Album Bluegrass Conspiracy
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Nitrosonic
Year 2017
Genre Cowpunk, South. rock, Stoner-trash

NINE POUND HAMMER : Bluegrass Conspiracy

Started back in 1985 by guitarist Blaine Cartwright (Nashville Pussy) and singer Scott Luallen, some people reckon Nine Pound Hammer are the daddies of Cowpunk. Hailin’ from Kentucky USA, they blend southern-style lyrics with balls-to-the-wall punk rock that makes for a hillbilly hoedown like no other. Picture you’re on a jackhammer chasin’ corn whiskey with gasoline as guitarists Earl Crimm and Blaine Cartwright’s riffs pummel your face like a plow. Now picture Rob Hulsman’s drums and Mark Hendricks’ bass boomin’ and shakin’ the barn into an epileptic fit that drives the cows right outta their home. Meanwhile, Scott Luallen has a grip of the microphone and he’s showin’ you through good ol’ fashioned story yellin’ that the south has a lot to holler about. In the past few years their music has been appearin’ on the picture screen and they’ve been tourin’ the world a few times over. This year, they’re releasin’ their ninth album called “Bluegrass Conspiracy” and Cowpunkers are rejoicin’. Give ‘er a listen if ya ain’t scared.

Tracklist :

Side One :
01. Intro
02. Sixty Days In The Hole
03. Put Some Gravy On It
04. County Mattress
05. Free At Last
06. Deep In The Ground
Side Two :
01. Two Drunks Down
02. Death Eatin A Cracker
03. When I Stop Drinking
04. Moon Upstairs
05. Almost Ain't Buttered Toast
06. Mouth Of The South


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