DEMENTED ARE GO : Hellbilly Storm
Album Hellbilly Storm
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Rebellion
Year 2019
Genre Psychobilly

DEMENTED ARE GO : Hellbilly Storm

Uuuuaaaaaaaaaaaa..., Hotrod Vampires" creeps out of your speakers, carried by Sparky`s unmistakable crusty voice. The Slap-Bass clatters and you know DEMENTED ARE GO are back from the graveyard and tougher than ever. Hey "Destruction Boy", yep, this means you! One slap chases the next, that's what Rock`n`Roll is about, honey after five bothering years of emptiness, complete with a wicked and fresh line-up, DEMENTED ARE GO are finally giving birth to the soundtrack of your life: "Hellbilly Storm"! The upcoming new strike has the typical DEMENTED ARE GO balls with a new spicy flavor, as well as some new musical attempts never before attempted, helping these crazy fuckups to definitely find and cement their very own unique style. "Hellbilly Storm" is following in the heritage of all the bad stuff Rock'n'Roll has to offer. It's the sonic equivalent of a 70's splatter movie, a 50's grindhouse, Rock'n' Roll lovesong, clear through to acid-soaked 60's garage, ending up somewhere in drag-punk heaven. Lose some brain cells listening to "Hellbilly Storm", the monster that lurks within Rock 'n' Roll's closet. Originally released in 2005 by People Like You Records. Here the 2019 re-issue on limited vinyl. PRESSING INFO: 500x beer vinyl with red and black splatter...comes in high gloss sleeve with double sided insert

Tracklist :

Side A:
01. Pedigree Scum
02. The Noose (That snapped)
03. Hellbilly Storm
04. Skating In The Rain
05. Out Of Control
06. Block Up
Side B:
01. Hotrod Vampires
02. Destruction Boy
03. Doin'Me In
04. Demon Seed
05. Jogging Machine
06. Someone's Out To Get Me

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