Album Till The End
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Crazy Love Records
Year 2019
Genre Psychobilly


Originally intended to be released as a 'Psychobilly goes Western' mini concept album, S.P.a.h.M. changed their minds and created yet another full-length punch in the face to knock out both their loyal following and those innocent minds that don't get outta their way fast enough. In fact Till The End is one of the most varied Psychobilly albums of the not-so-new millennium I was allowed to listen to without seeing Austria's Crazies ever straying away from the (war)path of Psychobilly.
Highlights include the bass guitar-driven Welcome To Our Hell, a tune that is true classic Sir Psyko material and also a future wreckin' pit anthem, followed by the excellent full-throttle tale of Pistolero and Lonesome Rider, a track that still leaves me scratching my head and that sounds sorta like The Meteors meet Carlos & The Bandidos, all backed by the haunting voice of the band's name giver and a Mexican spiced trumpet. Got that?
I won't tell you how great Dead Man Walking and Each Day (FTW) are to focus on the even more brilliant instru-mental Los Cuatro Condenados, that is in fact two songs in one. A slow surfin' tune for the first sixty-something seconds before switching to a wild rockin' Hillbilly stomper. If you think this all cannot be topped, you will change your mind immediately as next on the set is Outlaws, a song that was recorded unplugged, in one take and captures campfire romanticism and Spaghetti Western feeling likewise. Somebody just walked over my grave!
Though I'm finally running out of space, I cannot stop writing without mentioning at least two more tracks. The Crazies showcases SIR PSYKO &aHIS MONSTERS and what this band is all about at their very best with twangy twin guitars, super-tight sound, no-nonsense Psychobilly power and a decent breeze of 'FTW'. The bonus track is in a league of its own and is just Sir Psyko solo with his pumpin' piano, rockin' and rollin' with the Nowhere Train, This is not for the faint-hearted, all others go and grab your copy! Psychobilly's tomorrow's already here!

Tracklist :

Side A:
01. Intro
02. Welcome To Our Hell
03. Pistolero
04. Lonesome Rider
05. Dead Man Walking
06. Each Day (FTW)
Side B: 01. Los Cuatro Condenados
02. Outlaws
03. Nowhere Train
04. Bad Girl
05. The Crazies
06. Long Way Back Home
07. Till The End!


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