MINESTOMPERS, THE : Porno Mags & Body Bags
Album Porno Mags & Body Bags
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Crazy Love Records
Year 2019
Genre Old-school Psychobilly

MINESTOMPERS, THE : Porno Mags & Body Bags

ACHTUNG! - The Minestompers’ second LP has been unleashed! This is hard-knocking psychobilly made up of razor-blade twang, thumping bass-guitar, savage caveman-beats and a singer screaming and yelling his guts out. Thirteen wild and wicked tunes about porn, murder and madness will blow your ass wide open and leave you twitching in spasms. Get your load of that sonic Schlonz right now!!!

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Shellac Smile
02. Bone Breaking Beat
03. Vinyl Wonderland
04. Whirlwind
05. Attack Of The Space Sluts From Planet C.u.n.t.6
06. Porno Mags
07. Pogo The Clown
Side B :
01. Unleashed
02. Copkiller
03. Demon Up My Arse
04. Suburban Savages
05. For A Fistful Of Schlonz
06. One Last Record


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