Ku kaili moku, Small, Emerald Green :
Name Ku kaili moku, Small, Emerald Green

Ku kaili moku, Small, Emerald Green

Proudly we brings you our newest version of the timeless Hawaiian Warrior Tiki God, Ku. Designed for us by Thor, “Ku-kaili-moku” is the fierce “Snatcher of the Land” Tiki God! He stands proud with his Hawaiian shark tooth war club and trophy skull in-hand! The reverse of the mug features the same imposing war club, LARGE and In-Charge! Measuring 6” in height and having a 12 oz. capacity, Ku-kaili-moku (Small) is a perfect modern age Tiki vessel for high-style presentation of the finest craft cocktails! Available now in our emerald green glaze.


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