Album Are Go
Format CD
Label Anagram Records
Year 2003
Genre Neo-Rockabilly, Cat Style


Finaly, finaly !!!!This masterpiece on CD!!!The Polecats are band from the 80’s,they had some songs in the English charts!!The Polecats started a new deminsion with their unique neo-rockabilly, one of the best Cat bands around !!this album was produced by Dave Edmunds!!You’ll also find on this album some songs extra , from their early Mercury recordings, so this make this album a kinda best of !

Tracklist :

01. How high is the moon
02. Red, Ready, Amber
03. Don’t cry baby
04. Marie Celeste
05. Black magic
06. Don’t push
07. We say yeah
08. Little pig
09. Running Back
10. Big green car
11. Baby doll
12. All night long
13. John I’m only dancing
14. Jeepster
15. Make a circuit with me
16. Juvenile delinquents from a planet mars
17. Down the line
18. Hip hip baby
19. Make a circuit with me 12’’ mix


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