POLECATS : Let's bop with The Polecats
Album Let's bop with The Polecats
Format DVD
Label Raucous Records
Year 2011
Genre Neo-rockabilly, Cat style, Old-school Psychobilly

POLECATS : Let's bop with The Polecats

'Let's Bop With The Polecats!' is the first ever DVD release from the most energetic and colourful band of the 1980's Rockabilly revival. The Polecats signed a major-label deal which led to international success and hits singles 'Rockabilly Guy', 'John I'm Only Dancing', 'Jeepster' and 'Make A Circuit With Me'. Their Dave Edmunds produced album 'Polecats Are Go!' is regarded as a classic of the genre. But the Polecats were are the wildest live on stage, as this 1981 performance shows. + bonus tracks!!!!!!:
A storming 1988 show from guitarist Boz Boorer's post-Polecats project Boz & The Bozmen is included as a bonus programme. Boorer teams up with other well-known faces from the 80's Rockabilly scene to form the first Rockabilly Supergroup.

List Price : €14,29
You Save : €5,40 (38%)

Tracklist :

01. We Say Yeah
02. Jeepster
03. Let's Bop
04. Red Ready Amber
05. Running Back
06. Little Pig
07. I'll Cry Instead
08. Rockabilly Guy
09. Cotton Pickin' Rocker
10. Big Green Car
11. Bang Bang.

12. Shake 'Em Up Rock
13. Midnight Shift
14. Red Ready Amber
15. Catch On
16. Rockin' Shoes
17. Run Run Rudolph
18. Everybody's Rockin'
19. Mars & Jupiter Stomp
20. Rock Billy Boogie.

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