HUELYN DUVALL : Ramblin & Boppin
Album Ramblin & Boppin
Format CD
Label Rhythm Bomb
Year 2008
Genre 50s Rock n roll, Rockabilly

HUELYN DUVALL : Ramblin & Boppin

Huelyn Duvall is wellknown to all you rockin' rollin' musiclovers because of his late 1950s recordings like Juliet, Pucker Paint, Little Boy Blue and Hum-m-m-m-Dinger.... BUT with this release he shows that he wasn't only a good Rocker in the 1950s! Backed-up by Wildfire Willie's Ramblers and Pianokiller Boppin' Steve he shows that he still has the power to shake things up and that he's still able to set your local noisemaker in your living room on fire!!

List Price : €7,69
You Save : €2,00 (26%)

Tracklist :

01. Daddy's Little Baby
02. I Got Rock'n'Roll
03. A Teen's Way
04. It All Depends
05. Blue Eyed Sally
06. By and By
07. So Help Me Gal
08. My Destiny
09. Tell Me Why
10. Play It By the Rule
11. They Ain't Close to You
12. Pitter Patter
13. I've Been Thinking
14. Matador
15. A Fool Such As I
16. My Girl (wears Long Hair)
17. When the Party Is Over
18. There You Go
19. My Buckets Got a Hole in It

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