PSYCHO WARD : Psychobilly Therapy For The Criminally Insane Vol.1
Album Psychobilly Therapy For The Criminally Insane Vol.1
Format CD
Label Hairball 8
Year 2012
Genre Psychobilly

PSYCHO WARD : Psychobilly Therapy For The Criminally Insane Vol.1

US compilation, this compilation has a few European bands. This compilation is mainly Psychobilly minded, but you hear some dirty R'n'R/Punkabilly/Trashy-billy's /Punk'nroll on top of that!
This compilation is straight-go- a-head! And people who liked a bit harder and faster will certainly dig this!

Tracklist :

Bands + Songs:
01.Los Creepers : The Devil Vs.The Monks
02.Barnyard Ballers : Dum, Dum
03.G-String: Down With The Cops
04.Henchmen : Dead or Alive
05.Hellbound Hearse : Graveyard Slut
06.Big John Bates :Knockin Bones
07.Graveside Rockers : Unwanted Creation
08.Sick City Draggers : Straight Outta Hell
09.The Phenomenauts :Mission
10.Speedcrazy : My Trial
11.Thee Merry Widows :Cruel Mistress
12.Mad Sin :Psycho Sideshow
13.Coffin Draggers : Why don't You Make It End
14.Mad Ramblers : who Needs Guns
15.Demon city Wreckers : Undead Rumble
16.The Slanderin : Throwin A Fit
17.Conbombre Zombi : No Need
18.Blazing Haley : Train To Nowhere
19.Phantom Rockers : Leather Zombie
20.Heartbreak Engines : Up On Downside
21.Hellbilly's : Grim Reaper
22.Koffin Kats : A Darker Place
23.The Rocketz : I Wand You Dead
24.Mad Masato : The Vein
25.Scary Boom : the 1 ste In Space

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