MONKS : Let's Start A Beat!
Album Let's Start A Beat!
Format CD
Label Munster
Year 2006
Genre Garage, Beat, Mod

MONKS : Let's Start A Beat!

Recorded live at the recent NYC "Cavestomp" festival. Furious minimalistic original material anticipating the blunt, harsh commentary of the punk era. Their insistent rhythms recalled martial beats and polkas as much as garage rock and the weirdness was heightened by electric banjo, berserk organs and occasional bursts of feedback guitar. Comes with 4 tracks of CD-ROM material.

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Tracklist :

01. Monk Time
02. Oh How To Do Now
03. We Do Wie Do
04. Boys Are Boys
05. Hushie Pushie
06. Cuckoo
07. Complication
08. That's My Girl
09. Shut Up
10. I Can't Get Over You
11. Blast Off
12. I Hate You

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