MEANTRAITORS, THE : Psychobilly Outlaws
Album Psychobilly Outlaws
Format DVD
Label raucous
Year 2006
Genre Psychobilly

MEANTRAITORS, THE : Psychobilly Outlaws

DVD release from one of Psychobilly's most explosive, uncompromising and powerful bands. Featuring on stage performances filmed in Germany and their native Russia, plus a show filmed for Russian TV.

List Price : €17,00
You Save : €8,71 (51%)

Tracklist :

01.Liar Liar
02.Black Hole
03.No Future Yet
04.Your Broken Jaw
05.Cool Fans of Damned Fuckin' West
06.Enough To Scar
07.Straight On
08.Boys Will Be Boys
09.Bear's Blues
10.Guts For Sale
11.Only Fighter
12.These Eyes Don't Lie
13.Frightenly Mad Again
14.No Future Yet
15.Only Fighter
16.Bad Mouthin' Man
17.We're Going Wild Tonight
18.Man With The Scar
19.Guts For Sale
21.Who The Hell Started A Fire?

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