Format CD
Label Rhythm Bomb
Year 2014
Genre Rock n Roll /Rockabilly/Country/50


Rockabilly, Roots, Country, Doo Wop, 50s instrumentals - you name it - Its the many styles of Spo-Dee-O-Dee ...
Who else could review such a classic release as Mr. Rockabilly Rave himself, Jerry Chatabox:
OK, you already know this is a great rockabilly combo, so you think you know roughly what to expect on this album, right ? Oh Really ??? Well you couldn't be more wrong, and I'll tell you why… You get yanked straight in with a frantic paced bopper, Crazy For My Baby, and the pounding moody rocker, Lovestruck Baby. But then whats this ? Piano and Sax on the '58 Danny Boy classic, Don't Go Pretty Baby ?!! As this gets you thinking, you cruise along with a couple of fine country rock songs blaring out.... the tuneful, Why Did She Have To Go ? you play over and over and the alternate Tell Me Who with '60's Elvis western movie backing, has you grinning from ear to ear !
A change of mood and the powerhouse instrumental, Thunderbird is followed by a straight down the line Gene Vincent rock'n'roll workout on Let Me In ! When you hear, I Aint Got You and Pride and Joy, you have to look at the CD cover to check that this earthy, black r'n'b is the same band ! No More Cryin The Blues superbly handled.. not rushed, calms you back down, and just when you thought life was normal again, the guys shed their rockabilly skin and turn out a perfect white Italian/American do wop classic.. With a fix of primitive hardcore rockabilly on, Go Little Go Cat, you realise Spo-dee-o-dee are back in the studio. But who were all those other guys you heard..... ???

Tracklist :

01.Crazy For My Baby
02.Love Struck Baby
03.Don’t Go Pretty Baby
04.It Breaks My Heart
05.Why Did She Have to Go
06.I Wish You Would
07.Tell Me Who
09.Let Me In
10.Miss Blue Eyes
11.I Ain’t Got You
12.(i’m Gonna) Paint This Town
13.Pride and Joy
14.No More Crying the Blues
15.Such a Long Way

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