BIG SANDY & HIS FLY-RITE BOYS : Turntable matinee
Album Turntable matinee
Format CD
Label Yep Roc Records
Year 2006
Genre Rockabilly, Roots, Rock'n roll

BIG SANDY & HIS FLY-RITE BOYS : Turntable matinee

The master of Rockabilly is back with a new one !!
From the first thump of the bass on Turntable matinee display why Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys are still the modern essence of classic rockabilly.
The perfect timeless country swing of Big Sandy's warm, seductive croon mixed with sweet pedal steel rolls across you like radio waves from an old wooden cathedral console.
Big Sandy's lifelong obsession with older styles of muswic is no secret but on TUrntable Matinee, he and his boys bhave captured a more complete picture of all their influences adding to the mix the sound and feel of Memphis Soul, Bakersfield country and LA folk rock...

List Price : €15,00
You Save : €0,57 (4%)

Tracklist :

01. Power Of The 45 (pt.1)
02. Love That Man
03. The Great State Of Misery
04. Haunted Heels
05. Ruby Jane
06. Spanish Dagger
07. Mad
08. The Ones You Say You Love
09. You don't Know Me At All
10. Yes (I Feel Sorry For You)
11. Lonesome Dollar
12. Slippin'Away
13. I Know I've Loved You Before
14. Power Of the 45 (pt.2)

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