C.W. STONEKING : King Hokum
Album King Hokum
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2005
Genre 40’sRoots Blues/R’n’R

C.W. STONEKING : King Hokum

This guy is amazing, born in the usa then moved as a child to the outback's in Australia where he learned what the blues is, started playing it alone then as a musician in blues and jazz bands doing cover version over cover version until he found he's own blues.. and on king hokum (licensed from low transit industries) you can here sing him about he's own live and problems from other persons all with a good 'i don't give a fuck about everything' smile on his face but still very deep and serious.. you can say it's another retro project and i say NO this is more.. ok it's based on pre II world war blues but it's today recording sounds old yes but it fits totally and better than ever in this time we are now.. we are and i hopefully you too ..fed up with this superstar hi definition super clean music .. what we want are musicians like c.w. stoneking who is thru and an oust not a lot of technical equipment, a person that sings his songs where ever he can big stage or in a tiny bar.. doesn't matter On king hokum. ,C.W. Stoneking had some help with other mussisians and you can find some instruments on this record like a tenor banjo trombone sousaphone jugs and and and.. the list of unique and long time forgotten instruments is endless.

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Tracklist :

01.Way Out In The World
02.Don't Go Dancin Down The Darktown Strutter's Ball 03.She's A Bread Baker
04.Dodo Blues
05.On A Christmas Day
06.Charley Bostocks Blues
07.Bad Luck Everywhere You Go
08.Goin The Country
09.Rich Man's Blues
10.You Took My Thing And Put It In Your Place
11.Handyman Blues

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