ALLEY DUKES : Go back to college
Album Go back to college
Format CD
Label Flying Saucer Records
Year 2007
Genre Wild Rockabilly

ALLEY DUKES : Go back to college

The 2nd full length by the Alley Dukes from Canada. Revved up, raunchy rockabilly guaranteed to rock yer bones. With decadent tales of drunken debauchery, perverse sex, venereal diseases and loose morals!
These guys know how to set the house on fire!!Raw Rockabilly, boppin and wild pornobilly damned!!!

Tracklist :

01. If this Ain’t rockabilly …You Can Suck My Balls
02. Circular Motion
03. Dirty White Girl
04. Shave That Poodle
05. I Wanna Go Back To College
06. On My Face
07. Pimp
08. She’s So flat
09. Jailbait
10. Milkshake Queen
11. (I Broke Your Hymen) You Broke My Heart
12. Little Girls (franzie Song)
13. Look somewhere Else (Mark2)
14. Make The World A Better Place
15. Cherries & Chocolates


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