HILLBILLY PREACHERS, THE : Welcome To Confession
Album Welcome To Confession
Format CD
Label Rhythm Bomb
Year 2007
Genre Hillbilly, Rock'n Roll

HILLBILLY PREACHERS, THE : Welcome To Confession

Cigarettes, alcohol and messin’ around are the devil’s business and our enemy! So learn everything about your enemy so you can effecttively fight him later! So here the words from this band and geuss..yes good ‘messed up ‘ Lyrics with a good dose of Hillbilly R’n’R!

Tracklist :

01. Brand New fool
02. Just Leave
03. Surprise
04. So Long
05. Could It Be
06. Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
07. Bitter True
08. Down The Drain
09. Leave The Botlle Open
10. Lonesome Baby
11. Walkin’ Trough My Mind
12. Please Don’t Let Me Love You

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