PSYCHOBILLY & ROCKABILLY MAYHEM : The Western Star Promo Collection
Album The Western Star Promo Collection
Format DVD
Label Cherry Red
Year 2006
Genre Old School Psychobilly, Rock'n Roll, Neo-Rockabilly

PSYCHOBILLY & ROCKABILLY MAYHEM : The Western Star Promo Collection

The Western Star recording studio was designed and built by veteran Rockabilly & Psychobilly musician/producer Alan Wilson - who is probably best known as founder member and front man of 80's Psychobilly pioneers The Sharks. Since then the establishment has become a Mecca for Rockabilly and Psychobilly bands! This compilation DVD is a collection of promo videos of bands connected or associated with the studio. Most of which have been shot and edited by Western Star. Some have been commissioned especially for this DVD and the bands themselves make a few. The collection showcases bands old and new…. Big names from the scene such as The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks and Frenzy rub shoulders with bands such as Luna Vegas, The Valentine Villains, The Bonneville Barons and Pretty Grim. Also included here are 3 promos by Jack Rabbit Slim, who hold the enviable title of best selling Rockabilly band of both 2006 and 2007. This band have just returned from headliner slot at the Viva Las Vegas festival and were also featured on a Radio 2 documentary this year. First time ever on DVD for this collection on rare and in some cases previously unseen material

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Tracklist :

Songs + Artists:
01.Kitten With A Whip : Jack Rabbit Slim
02.B -Movie Scientist : The Bad Detectives
03.Takin' Them Drugs : Chuck & The Crack-Pipes
04.Jack The Ripper : The Sharks
05.Cumberland Gap : The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo
06.Just Another Drink : The Valentine Villains
07.Rockabetty : The Bonneville Barons
08.Westerland : The Frantic Flintstones
09.Seven Minutes To Impact : Pretty Grim
10.The Touch : Jack Rabbit Slim
11.Sixth Sense : Luna Vegas
12.Rocky Top : The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo
13.Surfin' The Severn Bore : The Bad Detectives
14.Don't You Just Know It : Chuck & The Hulas
15.I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For : The Sharks
16.Bleeder Crew : Henry & The Bleeders
17.Kitchen Utensil : Pretty Grim
18.The Gypsy Curse : Jack Rabbit Slim
19.Till The Following Night : Frenzy
20.Railroad Bill : The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo
21.Alligator Rosie : The Bad Detectives
22.One Lung Down : Chuck &The Crack-Pipes
23.Surfcaster (Live 1993) : The Sharks
24.The Sun & The Rain : The Scaredy Catz
25.Wishing : The Scaredy Catz
26.Leopard Skin (Live 1990) : Lux
27.Surfin' Bird (Live 1990) : Lux

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