Always in progression, the band avoids the trap of coming up with a copy of their previous records. They have now reached a class and maturity that let them incorporate their own songs as well as the few covers in the same topic: "The Circle Of Love". This is called a concept album, really uncommon for this kind of music ! Althought texts follow themselves in the "logic of the circle", we have here a great diversity of songs, fast rockabilly, bopper with trumpet, ballads...skilfully played in their own style with a full and powerful sound... Quality is present at every level, the cover is in a digipack format with a booklet and makes you think it's a jazz album from the late 50's, really a splendid item... ! ...and if you think that this must have been done by great serious mature musicians, just check the included video...!

- Circle Of Love
- I'm Gonna Get Ya
- Rome Wasn't Build In A Day
- In My Dreams
- I Care
- Lush
- Leavin' It All Behind
- If I Could Be True
- Misunderstood
- Nothing To Write Home About
- Rebound
- She's Gone
- King Of Fools
- I Just Feel So Sad

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