CENOBITES : Blue fandango
Album Blue fandango
Format CD MCD
Label Drunkabilly Records
Year 2008
Genre Psychobilly

CENOBITES : Blue fandango

Since the dawn of Cenobites in 1994, they've become a household name in the worldwide psychobilly scene and beyond. Members came and went, but it never held them back in any way. On the contrary: the band just got stronger. After the release of 'Snakepit Vibrations', their second top selling album on Drunkabilly, guitar player Rudo and drummer Nik reinforced the ranks. On stage this tightened line-up already proved to be the best Cenobites incarnation to date, but now there's also evidence on record. 'Blue Fandango' consists of two brand-new hard hitting tracks and four mind-blowing cover songs. The music this foursome pays tribute to justifies the out of the box Cenodemonic sound: punk from Die Nakse Bananen, hardcore from Rudo's former band I-Reject, rock & roll from Dutch legend Herman Brood and the locobilly of Brazilian amigos Os Catalepticos. All get frenzied and Ceno-styled in a tremendous manner. Before long these stubborn bastards will desecrate the globe again with ripping live shows, from South America to Japan. Demon bites for psycho nights Limeted edition !!!1000 CD made and thats it! And you get the labelsampler for free!!!!

List Price : €6,89
You Save : €2,00 (29%)

Tracklist :

CD 1 : Cenobites

01. Blue Fandango
02. Life Is Hell
03. Never Be Clever
04. Like A Gasoline Tank
05. Put to The Test
06. The Cage
Bonus CD-Rom clip: Murderer’s Fate
CD 2 : Labelsampler:

01.Hot Boogie Chillun : What Happend To Me
02.The Caravans : Psychobilly Popstar
03.Fifty Foot Combo : The Snap Fastener
04.The Gecko Brothers : Funny Feelings
05.Hetten Des : Y.I.C.U.R.A.B
06.The Baboons : Boogie Curse
07.Hellsonics : Demon Queen
08.Hot Boogie Chillun : Butterfly
09.Moonshine Reunion : All Alone
10.Running Wild : Ice Cream Dream
11.Fifty Foot Combo : Combodelica
12.Nigel Lewis & The Zorchmen : Footsteps
13.Milwaukee Wildmen : Strike Back
14.Cenobites : Hellschool
15.Nitro17 : Soft Like Velvet
16.The Gecko Brothers : Tequilla In The Bluegrass

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