COME N’ GO,THE : Something's Got To Give
Album Something's Got To Give
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2008
Genre Rock N Roll - blues punk

COME N’ GO,THE : Something's Got To Give

The Come N' Go play a brutal, blistering bloody style of Rock N Roll. Mixing the wailing sounds of modern Memphis blues punk like The Oblivians or The Reatards with the bluesy grinding grooves of the late 60's, The Come N' Go continue to deliver their wild, out of control and 'in your face' Rock N Roll. This is not for the weak hearted, my friend. Kick-ass, beer drinking, fist fighting blues to get you through your working week without killing someone. Hailing from Switzerland, this R&B combo are the farthest thing from what you'd expect here in Heidiland. Wilder than two monkeys in a knife fight, The Come N Go have marinated themselves in the craziest Rock N Roll known to mankind. After former attempts to get their patented Memphis sound in Swiss studios, the group packed their bags and headed to the town that brought you BBQ Ribs, the blues and Elvis. Recorded and mixed this Summer in Memphis with Alicia (Lost Sounds) in her living room, the Come N Go have achieved what they went there to do; to make their sweatiest, most savage recording yet.The band is playing stronger and harder than ever. And this former four piece is now a five member combo adding the big bass guitar sound of Robert Butler on the big four strings. The band sweats beers and tears on each song across this record and are rockin’ harder than ever!

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Tracklist :

01.The Time You Spend, The Life You Have
02.It's OK
03.C'est Pas Facile
04.Hey Mama
05.No Blues
07.Beers & Tears
08.Heart's Desires
10.Wonders... Never Left Our Minds
11.Searchin' For Love

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