HELLACOPTERS, THE : Cream of The Crap (Volume 1)
Album Cream of The Crap (Volume 1)
Format CD
Label Gearhead
Year 2002
Genre Heavy Stoner, Garage, Trash punk

HELLACOPTERS, THE : Cream of The Crap (Volume 1)

If you are prone to collecting things, you will be either elated or terrified by this band's staggering amount of output. I quickly acquired their four "proper" albums, only to find that I have barely scratched the surface of the Hellacopters catalog. Outside of those four albums are a seemingly endless parade of limited editions, B-sides, bonus tracks, obscure imports, contributions to various-artist compilations and soundtracks, and other arcane items that make up a plethora of undiscovered Hellacopters material. Most of this stuff can only be obtained as extremely expensive imports, or as even more expensive auctions ... Hence the collectors have gone nuts (and broke) and I was on the verge of diving into that packrat insanity myself. Lo and behold, the band has become concerned at the high prices being demanded for those rarities, which puts them out of reach of many fans, and have assembled this incredibly useful compilation. The 18 tracks here give you a great sampler of the many sounds the Hellacopters have tackled successfully, like the grandiose R&B/rock fusions of "Crimson Ballroom," the classic rock minimalism of "Makes it Alright," the brooding death-grunge of "Killing Allan," and the frantic punk headbashing of "1995" or "Tilt City." Consequently, even with these 18 rarities, a quick survey of the Hellacopters output reveals that there are still dozens upon dozens of rare tracks out there. The liner notes here state that this is the first of several planned compilations (sure hope that's not a tease), and I hope they come out fast, both for my mental and financial health. In fact, the title of this review is based on a lyric from this album's slamming opener, "Thanks for Nothing." The Hellacopters should be thanked not just for their huge amount of great music, but also for starting this handy series of compilations.

Tracklist :

01.Thanks for Nothing
02.Crimson Ballroom
03.Makes It Allright
04.Television Addict
05.Killing Allan
06.Misanthropic High
07.Rock Hammer
09.Gimme Shelter
10.Heart Of the Matter
11.Tilt City
12.Down right Blue
13.I Got A Right
16.I Want A Lip
17.The Creeps
18.Lowered Pantangles (Anything at All)


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