Album Melville
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2013
Genre Exotica Rhythms/Trash-a-billy/Surf-a-billy


The Band wanted to do a concept album for Herman Melville (Moby Dick) and all kind of stories about shipwrecks, like illness, religion dirty love and more, King Automatic found this band in Torino Italy they are very influed by the Birthday Party or the Gun Club and with a soft touch of incredible strange Exotica Rhythms Easy Listening and Surf and lotsa TRASH. Formed in 2005 as a Duo and released a single on A Fistful of Records(the Netherlands) and on Nasty Poduct (France) and No-fi records (Italy ).... slow, moody, mean floor crawler reminding you of about everything negative or dark sounding record in the Crypt Catalogue, but without leaving with the possibility to refer to this or that band...desperate vocals, moaning organ, trashy distorted guitar performing in clubs,squats galleries and streets or supporting Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the Lost Sounds the Scientists and the Chrome Cranks, you can easily find the influence of these 2 bands as well Requiem pour un con by Serge Gainsbourg, THIS IS NOT A LIGHT. . LUCKY HORSE and the kinda n.y.sound ELEANOR are enough to realise how unique this band is in the italian music scene. This album continues 12 Tracks and after listening to the Record you feel like you are pushed in the year 1634 you are on a big Boot and got Homesick and ready to die but you have to Fight.. and this is exactly what this album gives to you.

Tracklist :

01.The Curse
02.Litlle Boy
03.Lucky Horse
04.Run Away From Me
05.Dead Love Rag
08.Your Miserable Life
09.This Is Not A Light
10.I'd Rather Not
11.Tongues Of Fire
12.Melville (brass version)

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