DEMON TEDS,THE : Supercharged And Overhauled
Album Supercharged And Overhauled
Format CD
Label Band Release
Year 2008
Genre Hard Rockin'roll/Psychobilly

DEMON TEDS,THE : Supercharged And Overhauled

From Belgium ‘The Demon Teds’!!! On their thirth record 'Supercharged and Overhauled" The Demon Teds take you on a wild trip through their interpretation of 21th century rock'n'roll. Thirtheen laps of Dwarves driven, AC/DC accelerated, malicious Motörhead soaked wrecking psycho(Billy) tunes, seasoned with some Melvins and John Zorn cruising tunes, seasoned. "Supercharged and Overhauled" is a must have record!

List Price : €12,00
You Save : €9,01 (75%)

Tracklist :

01.Cruising For Destruction
02.Gotta Go
03.Lie Lie Lie
04.Slowly Going Mad
05.Blues For Pussies
06.Putting On My Radio
07.Never Look Back
08.Party Hard
09.Demon Eyes
10.Die A 1000 Times
11.Walk The Line
13.Deep Deep Down
13.Bonus song:
-rock’a’bella Feat.the Demon Teds: Stupid Cupid

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