PIRATE LOVE : Black Vodoun Space Blues
Album Black Vodoun Space Blues
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2008
Genre Garage punk, Rock'n Roll, Psych.Rock

PIRATE LOVE : Black Vodoun Space Blues

Oslo, Norway is Famous for bands like Turbonegro Gluecifer, Euroboys or Motorpsycho, shure is that they are different to all the other Scandinavian Bands .. but PIRATE LOVE ( inspred by Johnny Thunders Pirate love) are even different to the Norwegian Scene and they are the top of the Cream of the NEW NORWEGIAN GENERATION, Raw Wild and they look way better that Turbonegro.. so they have more Birds at the Shows that Turbonegro has, and that's a Plus point already, Pirate Love make music to take Illegal Drugs drink Beer and having Sex By.. The Band takes Elements from 60's Garage Punk and New Punk Surf Rockabilly and Psychadelic and mix it all together in One Sound the Call: Black Vodoun Space Blues, and it's exactly like the title says we find them in a dazzling heroic landscape somewhere between the peaks where the Sonics, Lime Spiders and the Stooges occupy their thrones. It's dirty, it's cool, and it is as many seven-league steps away from James Blunt, Damien Rice and Coldplay as it's possible to get. In other words, this is Rock'n'Roll that cranks out the soundtrack to an inventory party completely out of control; with obligatory and obvious requisites like mountains of broken beer bottles, finger-fucking on a dusty floor, garage singles with whiskey stains, runny makeup on broken-hearted girls, yammering neighbors, weeping old ladies frenetically trying to destroy their hearing aids with their walkers, and where a crookedly smiling, smoke-puffing Johnny Thunders is a generous doorman.

Tracklist :

01.The Lonely Streets
02.Shake It!
03.In A Dirty Cellar
04.Sick Of You
05.Slumber Blues
06.Broken Soul #2
07.Death Trip
08.Skin Deep
09.You Don't Brake My Heart
10.Laughing Gas
11.Ain't Nothing To Do (A Kiss Hello)


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