Album Searider
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Wild Records
Year 2008
Genre Neo-surf, (Garage) Instro, Rock'n Roll


Wow, this is one amazing chunk of surf music. This album has generated a fair amount of buzz here on the forums, and finally it delivers. Searider is more than just a new album by the Barbwires. Besides the header on the album cover--"The Barbwires with the Blue Ocean Orchestra"--it brings surf music to whole new heights of orchestration and instrumentation only ever remotely approached by a select few. And the best part about this album is--it works! This is a great, full sound that I haven't found overbearing or distracting at all. It's got a trad sensibility with a very modern attack. Great songs with good diversity and tons of melodic and sonic depth that provide tons of new stuff to hear with every next listen.


Tracklist :

01. Ka Le O Ke Kahuku
02. La Caja Del Muerto
03. Go Go Gasoline
04. Waimanalo
05. The Cheater
06. Shelter From The Sun
07. Blood On The Waves
08. Thor Island Thunder
09. Searider
10. Springbreak
11. You Son Of A Beach
12. Rauk Reef

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