BOB LOG III : My shit is perfect
Album My shit is perfect
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2009
Genre Blues, Punk, Garage, Trash

BOB LOG III : My shit is perfect

Here's the man who started it all, the gran seniori, the don, the big daddy of one man bands - BOB LOG III gdammit! Eons ago there was a band like none before and none since. They played fierce amphetamine drenched blues punk with demented vigor, merging an urban skid row punk attitude with the archaic sounds of the Mississippi Delta and they were to be known the world round as Doo Rag. Out of this crazed slide blues punk mayhem evolved a 21st century space age Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell in a full body cannonball suit sporting a pilots helmet with a built in telephone - this creature was introduced to our planet as BOB LOG III!


Tracklist :

01. Goddamn sounds good
02. Mr. sis boom bah
03. It's the law
04. Bump pow! bump bump bump pow!
05. Manipulate your figments
06. Bucktooth potato
07. My shit is perfect
08. You, or you and you, and me
09. Bumper car
10. Bang your thing at the ball
11. Shake a little, wiggle it, and jiggle it too
12. Shinkansen teh!!
13. Goddam sounds good pt.2

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