BELLHOPS, THE : Rock'n Roll
Album Rock'n Roll
Format CD
Label Rhythm Bomb Records
Year 2009
Genre Rock’n Roll, Roots, Swing, Rockabilly

BELLHOPS, THE : Rock'n Roll

The dutch BELLHOPS are back on the track and and coming back with an new line up, as a trio now, and with a brand new sound. Well, by the end of the 80’s, beginning of the 90’s the Bellhops stood for very straight 50’s Sound, but after all those years the band deciced to go a few steps forward and so come along with an complete different, very modern, sound, which you’ll realise straight with the opener “ Surfing Mania”, whilst the titletrack “Rock’n’Roll” is similar to the actual Go-Getters sound. Anyway, the band drives full speed, pay honour to their Spanish roots with “Montero”, “Vida Guerra” and “Vamos A Bailar” , which are nice tunes but not like their Hispanic brothers from L.A., who deliver Mexican Rock’n’Roll, the Bellhops are more onto Salsa and similar with their Spanish tracks. Well, not everbodies cup of tea and for sure not what you expected. Right, the rest of the album, as said before, is a action packed with a powerful mix of Rock’n’Roll, Roots, Swing, Rockabilly, Blues, C&W and bit Jazz, a bit this and that which you get delivered with tunes like “ You Burn My Heart”!, “I Got Loaded” , “Swing To Bop”, “ You Only Call me” etc. etc. . It seems that the Bellhops want to make a complete new start and give themselves a complete new definition of their musicstile. If that is the right way and the right stuff you have to judge by yourselve. I think that covers like “It’s A Long Way To The Top” ( AC/DC) don’t help at all. A very powerful album with a huge variety of sounds.

List Price : €12,29
You Save : €2,00 (16%)

Tracklist :

01. Surfing Mania
02. Rock and Roll
03. Montero
04. You Burn My Heart
05. Dancing Shoes
06. I Got Loaded
07. Is You Or Is You Ain’t
08. Vida Guerra
09. Swing To Bop
10. A Good looking Women
11. You Only Call Me
12. Vamos A Bailar
13. It’s A Long Way To The Top

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