DEVILS HOTROD : Dirty Rocks For Broken Hearts
Album Dirty Rocks For Broken Hearts
Format CD
Label Stumble
Year 2009
Genre Fast Rockabilly/Neo-rockabilly/(old school psychobilly)

DEVILS HOTROD : Dirty Rocks For Broken Hearts

The third album from the Devils Hotrod. This album is the result of seven years of complicity and partying. Powerful, energized and non-traditional rockabilly. The band is known for their mix of loud and unique rock 'n' roll rhythms. Take a ride with the Devils Hotrod and your bones will shake in hell!! Fast slappin’ base!!! Produced by Rene Garcia from Canadian psychobilly outfit The Brains.

Tracklist :

01.Mom in Jail
02.Boppin Cat
03.No More Whiskey
04.Wild-Wild Mommy
05.Talk shit …Get Hit!
06.Burn Bitch Burn
07.Spanky Party
08.Thin –Think – Think
09.Eat My Brain?
10.Benny Hill theme
11.Baby , If You Leave Me
12.Hell Again

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