LIVING END,THE : Modern Artillery
Album Modern Artillery
Format CD
Label Reprise
Year 2004
Genre Psychobilly/Punk

LIVING END,THE : Modern Artillery

The Living End are an Australian band, very well known within their own continent and parts of America but somewhat underappreciated in Europe. Modern Artillery is the band's third full studio album and is a decent presentation. The Living End have are a three piece act, however, they are now on their third drummer. His first album was this one, Modern Artillery. They are a 'rock 'n' roll' collective. They certainly are rocky in style and this is fairly consistent throughout. Their music appears to show shades of punk influence and has been compared in such away. They band however, prefer to distance their self from punk in the support of the aforementioned rock.


Tracklist :

01.What Would You Do ?
02.One Said To the Other
03.Who’s Gonne Save Us
04.End Of The World
06.Tabliod Magazine
07.In the end
08.Maitland Street
09.Putting You down
10.Short Notice
11.So What
12.Rising Up From the Ashes
13.Hold up
14.The room

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